DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest

Held every year since DEF CON 19 in 2011 (R.I.P. Riviera), the DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest highlights the intersection of facial hair and hacker culture.

The Somethingth Annual DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest will be held on Saturday, 10 August, 1:00-3:00 on the C&E stage which is up against the curved wall in the Mezzanine at Planet Hollywood. See map below.

For 2019 there will be three categories for the competition:

Full beard: Self-explanatory, for the truly bearded.

Partial Beard or Moustache only (combined this year)

For those sporting Van Dykes, Goatees, Mutton Chops, and other partial beard styles -or-

Moustache only: Judging on the moustache only, even if bearded. Bring your Handlebars, Fu Manchus, or whatever adorns your upper lip.

Freestyle: Anything goes, including fake and creatively adorned beards. Creative women often do well in the Freestyle category.

The 2018 Winners were:

Partial Beard / Moustache
1st place: Bloody Frog
2nd place: HazMat
3rd Place: Clay
Honorable Mention: B Cannon

1st place: AUX252
2nd place: Tate
3rd Place: Naomi
Honorable Mention: Abigal

Full Beard
1st place: Packet Beard (aka Dave)
2nd place: Brandon
3rd Place: Qays
Honorable Mention: Lazy Eye of Sauron

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Note: The DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest is an unofficial event, it is run with the blessings of DEF CON, but is not run by DEF CON.  We thank DEF CON for providing space and logistical support for the contest.